Thanks to all who have viewed the Mackayakka Blog, I have finally reached the landmark 1000 views with hopefully many more to come! The cold weather was really upon us on Saturday morning and having not wet a line in over a week I was suffering from serious fishing withdrawal. I had planned to head west to chase some Saratoga, but  as I finished off my second coffee, I read a post on… Read More

Night fishing can be another way to add a different dimension to your fishing, there are many benefits including lack of boat traffic, calmer winds and more comfortable temperatures. It definitely  has some disadvantages also but these can usually be overcome with some careful preparation. The lack of light can be a concern when there are a lot of boats out and you are floating around in a 4.5m piece of plastic in the… Read More

I decided it was time to finally take my two year old daughter fishing with me for the first time. So on a blowy Sunday afternoon we made our way down to the beach for her first Whiting session with her old man. Now the location I had chosen is not really ideal for a two year old being that it was low tide and the water recedes a long way from… Read More