Launched my kayak at the Pioneer River boat ramp Sunday morning after having a fishing trip cancelled the night before due to a thunderstorm. It was a beautiful morning on the water and as I made my way out to the mouth of the river I came across a bait school of large herring being tormented by some as yet unknown predators. I had on an Atomic Prong prawn imitation so threw it… Read More

Arriving at the boat ramp shortly before dawn with a fairly stiff south westerly that could only be described as bitterly cold I went through the routine of setting up for a morning fish. A rag tag bunch of older gentleman were sitting next to the ramp as always, watching the boats come and go, needing no invitation to impart some words of wisdom onto Mackays’ boating fraternity. The comments directed at me on this day were the… Read More

I am a very keen fisherman and kayaker as most of you would have probably guessed by now but I am also just as passionate about my writing and photography,  hence the reason I started this “Mackayakka” blog. I’m the first to admit that my abilities may not equal my enthusiasm just yet which is why I read a lot of other fishing articles in blogs and magazines and I’m an avid viewer… Read More