I absolutely love ‘yak fishing in Mackay, on any given day you can have an endless amount of options and different species to target regardless of weather and conditions. From the coral reefs of the Whitsundays to the freshwater streams of the upper Fitzroy River system, the local Mackay ‘yak fraternity get to target some of the worlds most legendary species. On our local bucket lists are the coral trout and tusk fish… Read More

Well, this post was going to be titled Saratoga Saturday but unfortunately the primitive beast has eluded me yet again. It was frustrating but far from disappointing with a couple of ‘Toga spotted under snags and although they could not be enticed by my offerings it was amazing to see these fish in their natural habitat, just below the surface with the morning sunlight reflecting off their flanks. Other wildlife in the area included… Read More

An early rise at 2.30am for a departure time of 4am from the Mackay city gates  where I was to rendezvous with my good mate Pedro (aka. Kwikdraw) for a reconnaissance mission in search of the mighty sportfish the Saratoga. Our destination lay 85km south west of the city and with yaks on board we set off in search of our quarry. The Southern Saratoga (Scleropages leichardti) is becoming an increasingly popular species for… Read More