“The First Fish”

I decided it was time to finally take my two year old daughter fishing with me for the first time. So on a blowy Sunday afternoon we made our way down to the beach for her first Whiting session with her old man. Now the location I had chosen is not really ideal for a two year old being that it was low tide and the water recedes a long way from the shoreline but the little trooper took it all in her stride with a smile on her dial the whole time.

IMG_3173Wait up Daddy!

I pumped a few yabbies for bait and we set off on the long trek, usually it takes me about 5 minutes to get out to where the fish are but with my little angel in tow the journey took quite a bit longer. She was distracted by every tiny shell that she saw on the flats and chased the little blue soldier crabs that scurried for cover as she ran after them.


We arrived at the end of the spit and I immediately baited up and cast out into about two feet of water, as soon as the bait hit the surface it was smashed by a hungry little whiting. She squealed with excitement when she seen the little fish and after a quick cuddle she got to release it looking very pleased with herself. I quickly cast out again and let her hold the rod (with a bit of help of course) and yet again it was hit obligingly.

IMG_3213It was like she knew exactly what to do and wound in a little whiting of about 25cm. When it comes to handling fish she has no fear and proceeded  to give this one a cuddle also.



A magical afternoon spent with my favourite little person in the whole world. We got four fish and it was awesome to see her enjoying something that I love just as much as I do. This time it wasn’t about catching a feed, a challenging target species or fighting that big one. It was about something a lot more and I think I have found myself a new favourite fishing buddy!

Take a kid fishing 🙂


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