“A Cold Morning”

Thanks to all who have viewed the Mackayakka Blog, I have finally reached the landmark 1000 views with hopefully many more to come!

The cold weather was really upon us on Saturday morning and having not wet a line in over a week I was suffering from serious fishing withdrawal. I had planned to head west to chase some Saratoga, but  as I finished off my second coffee, I read a post on Facebook from a mate saying that it was minus 2 out that way,  I decided I would try the Pioneer River instead. I arrived at the boat ramp at 5.45am with the temperature sitting at a balmy 6 degrees (much better than minus 2) and paddled off just as the sun  started to peek over the horizon.

To warm up I decided to pump a few Yabbies and after a short time I had enough for a morning session chasing Bream and Whiting with the occasional flick of some soft plastics for Flathead. So armed with my plan, bait and beanie I set off to find some fish.  A quick troll along the rock wall to the V produced nothing but when I arrived there were many birds working the area furiously. Terns, Pelicans and Cormorants all fighting each other for the feast of baitfish just below the surface. I thought I should take a photo of this but instead my fishing instincts kicked in and I casted with anticipation into the maelstrom of birds, baitfish and hopefully larger predatory fish. My soft plastic was hit hard with a single strong strike but no hook up and as quickly as it all started, it went quiet. I threw a few different lures around the area but nothing, oh well thats fishing. I then turned back to my plan and flicked for Flathead while floating a Yabbie out the back. I was rewarded almost immediately with a nice little Bream, I have caught hundreds of these fish but I never tire of their honest fighting ability combined with an aesthetic beauty that some fish just don’t have.

First little Bream of the day

First little Bream of the day

I then paddled down the inside of the wall and had no touches on the soft plastic, I managed to pick up a nice Whiting and a very small Flathead. A couple more Bream also fell to the most versatile bait that is the humble Yabbie. I found a nice little beach and had a bite to eat and took in the glorious day that it was, with not a cloud in the deep blue sky and a light 5 to 10 Knot wind I realised why I haul myself out of bed at 4am to do this.


You may regret sleeping in but you rarely regret going fishing!



One Comment on ““A Cold Morning”

  1. Nothing better than being out there early rather than sleeping and burning daylight.

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