On the Surface

I decided to try something different today and put in next to the river street boat ramp at a very late 7am. I paddled out to the mouth ignoring many of my usual fish catching spots to maybe tangle with a pelagic or two. In doing so I arrived way too early for the incoming tide and my trolling did not receive any piscatorial interest. I am so glad that I was premature in my arrival as when I rounded the last point of the rock wall I noticed a ridge line of oyster rocks leading into shallow sand bars. As I investigated further I could see two tail fins sticking out of the water above the rocks, quickly I tied a surface lure on my 6lb set up, these fish did not look too big and I was sure they were small GT’s. With an ultra long cast I landed the lure a few metres behind them and they did not budge, I slowly worked the lure towards them and as the lure entered their strike zone I sped up the retrieve. There is nothing more exciting in angling than watching four bow waves chase your lure in shallow water. These fish wanted it! Wham! A good strike and hookup! This fish went berserk with criss crossing manueveurs over the oyster rocks. The 6lb Nugsy braid did the job nicely and I had on board a 32 cm bream! A memorable surface bream PB for me and I was stoked. I cast again in the same direction and a shorter cast landed right where I sighted the fish originally….. a few twitches and another 27cm model was in the net.

P1010693 copy

As the tide was on its way in I saw some birds working a small patch of bait and paddled over for a look there was a school of queenfish feeding and I managed a few around the 50 to 55cm mark but no larger ones were caught for the day. Nice morning though!

P1010695 copy


3 Comments on “On the Surface

  1. Hey there, nice share. I like the fish images. Just wondering to know what type of best fishing kayak do you use, when you plan for fishing?

    I was just thinking is it matter to select a particular boat, if I plan to go for big head fishing.

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