It was an early Monday morning start as I took advantage of a rostered day off to have a Pioneer River flick session with my old mate Steve Bugeja. Steve is a legend of the Mackay kayak angling fraternity and what he doesn’t know about the subject isn’t worth knowing. He put me onto my first kayak fish nearly five years ago and I have been lucky enough to witness some of his… Read More

Night fishing can be another way to add a different dimension to your fishing, there are many benefits including lack of boat traffic, calmer winds and more comfortable temperatures. It definitely  has some disadvantages also but these can usually be overcome with some careful preparation. The lack of light can be a concern when there are a lot of boats out and you are floating around in a 4.5m piece of plastic in the… Read More

I was invited along to my mates fishing shack for a friendly fishing competition located in a large creek system an hours drive north of Mackay. Our group consisted of 8 mates in 3 boats, Team Strikers (Busty, Vardy, Damo), Team Bream Reapers. (Steve and Josh) and I was part of Team Tuggers along with Mark, Stewy and Mick. Team Bream Reaper would be hard to beat as they had the home… Read More