The Day After The Storm

Launched my kayak at the Pioneer River boat ramp Sunday morning after having a fishing trip cancelled the night before due to a thunderstorm. It was a beautiful morning on the water and as I made my way out to the mouth of the river I came across a bait school of large herring being tormented by some as yet unknown predators. I had on an Atomic Prong prawn imitation so threw it in amongst the school, let it sink for a few seconds then on a slow roll retrieve it was hit hard by a 50cm GT that put up a great fight on 6lb braid, what a great start to the day!

50cm Juvenile Giant Trevally

50cm Juvenile Giant Trevally

The next couple of hours were spent playing with some medium sized estuary cod along the rock wall with about 5 fish caught and released. Its been a while since I had been out in the yak and as usual I had a blast.


Catching a few Cod and GT’s in Mackay’s Pioneer River is one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday morning.

“Gotta Love Fishing in North Queensland”


4 Comments on “The Day After The Storm

  1. You have some cool fishing down under. If you ever come to Tampa Bay send me an e-mail you can borrow my kayak and fish the bay for Tarpon

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