Good Vibrations

Plastic vibes are not lures that I’ve had much experience with but my inquisitive nature got the better of me yet again so this morning I gave them a go. First I needed a target species and after much deliberating I decided on that green backed speedster the queenfish (Scomberoides commersonnianus). These fish are extremely entertaining to catch and I have had a lot of success in the past, mainly using live herring as bait. Queenfish are quite plentiful in the local estuaries at this time of year and they can be found chasing schools of baitfish with the spectacular gusto that they are renowned for. Once hooked these fish fight well above their weight, readily taking to the air attempting to dislodge the offending connection to the angler.

Next thing I needed was a location but for me there really ever was only one choice. My childhood fishing nirvana that is the mouth of Bakers Creek. If you would like to find out more about what this now very popular local fishing spot means to me please see my previous post “My Fishing Roots“. I have spent many hours fishing this ledge and the steep drop off is perfect territory for queenfish, barramundi, bream and during a fresh north easterly the occasional mackerel can be taken.

After a quick visit to my local tackle store (Nashy’s Compleat Angler) and a few quick words of advice from the guy’s there I was on my way with two brand new Transam plastic vibes. A perfect morning greeted me with comfortable temperatures, very light winds and a vivid clear blue sky, you have got to love winter in Mackay.

It is easy for me to fish the  mouth of Bakers Creek, although I am casting, working the lure and anticipating a strike, my soul is somewhere in the past, re living a myriad of happy memories that this humble little creek gifted me all those years ago …….. at peace.

A violent surface disturbance awakens me from my sentimental reflections as a school of herring scatters from a pursuing predator. Acting quickly I cast the Transam vibe in the direction of the turmoil and with one lift of the rod the tiny pulses of the vibe through the rod tip were replaced by a solid strike and screaming drag of my Shimano Aernos XT 2500. A very entertaining fight ensued as the fish predictably started its arial routine, dancing on top of the water with spectacular leaps. (Tip – When a fish takes to the air keep the pressure on and lower the rod tip).


I glided the fish into the shallows and with a firm grip on its tail landed my first target species on plastic vibe. A smaller model followed shortly after then a little trevally decided to have a go as well. I was very happy with the mornings effort and found the vibes relatively easy to use. The vibe transmits a signal through the rod tip and successful retrieves can vary from slow rolls to erratic lifts and pauses, vibes have the ability to explore the entire water column and the two trebles used are needle point sharp, although if targeting larger species I would recommend an upgrade of the split rings. I will definitely be using this technique a lot more and can see myself purchasing a few more of these great lures.

P1010323                     P1010326

Today was all about the good vibe, the vibe of the location, the vibe of the queenfish and the Transam vibe.


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